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North Dallas

Chai and chit chat started in the wake of the pandemic. After months of being home alone a group decided to get together for chai at a local restaurant. What came out of that was a desire to start a community where South Asians help and support one another as they try to navigate life in a world gone mad.

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A South Asian Family for North Dallas.

Growing up in South Asia you are never alone there is always family around cousins, aunties, uncles not to mention the neighbors and friends. Communities watched out for one another. If you were new in the area they would pepper you with questions till they figure out how you plug into the community. Eventually they will determine who you know that they know or who you know that someone they know might know.

Then comes the day of the big move and suddenly there is no family no friends no one that connects and decides how you fit in. Months or even years may pass without a single connection.

C3 tries to fix that. Through Community in small and large groups, National holidays celebrations, karaoke, Movie Nights and of course lots of Chai.

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We are a private non profit group open to those of South Asian Decent and thier families.

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Focus Areas

Though we have a large variety of groups we have a few areas we try to focus on.

New Brides

Specifically the wives of south asian men coming into the DFW area to work. Being home alone those first few weeks as a new bride in a strange area can be a stressful and trying time but its easier with some friends to help you manage.

Fathers and Sons

Teaching Boys to be men is easier with a group. C3 for men helps fathers and sons navigate those hard years from 10 to 18 by offering outdoor activitees teach outdoor skills like camping, hiking and caring for what God has given us on this earth.

Working Women

Between a full time job and a demanding family its hard to find "Me" time. With multiple groups doing multiple things every week it's easier to find a time to sneak away and laugh a bit with others going through the same thing

When Life Hurts

Life can be hard and sometimes it just plain hurts. Plans fail and you end up without anyone to turn to and no idea what to do. We aren't experts but sometimes just having a group to talk to over a cup of Chai can help.

Womens Groups

The C3 membership is divided up into a variety of small groups of 100 or less Focused around a specific area of interest.

Pregnant Mom's

Supporting Moms as they start on the adventure.

Moms with Infants 0-3 years

No sleep, Diapers and the tendency to use baby talk. Who woundnt need a group to share the pain.

Moms with kids 4 to 8 years

Why, Why, Why, Why Because we said so.

Moms with boys 8 to 17 years

Let the fun begin, finally old enough to let mom take some time to hang with the girls.

Moms with girl's 8 to 17 years

Finally old enough to shop. Let the Drama begin.

Moms with adult kids

They are out of the house ... now what do I do?


Meets up once a month to sing our hearts out. Occasionally we even do it in tune


Painting Finger Nails is a craft right?


Who you travel with can be more important than your destination.


Dirt under your nails isn't always bad.

Single Mom's

Not sure how we find time to meet but join us and we'll figure it out.'


From Hollywood to Bollywood and everything in between.

Book Club

We really arent as boring as everyone thinks we are.

Social Work

Someone has to figure out how to stop the madness.

Fun and Fitness

Fitness is more fun when you have someone else to harrass.


Something everyone does but few do well. Up your skills with the Girls of C3

Stay at home moms

Cause stay at home doesnt actually mean stay at HOME

Infertility Support

Life can be hard but its still better with friends.

Fabulous Fifties and Beyond

Because we finally have the money to do what we want.

Golden Jewels

Because when the Inlaws come to visit, it's nice to get them out of my house for a bit.

Special Needs Lovelies

Life can be hard but its still better with friends.

Card Games

We'd join fun and fitness but this is more relaxing.'


Single and free to do what we enjoy.

Monthly Birthday groups

1 group for each month so we can go out and celebrate together.